March 7


Took the KLR out for the first ride of 2021. The new rear tire was a pain to install, but I was very pleased with it’s performance on gravel.

I rode a nice mixture of gravel and pavement. I had a few areas of the gravel roads that had ice cover. The heated vest and gloves were very nice to have today. Had great ride and the bike performed flawlessly .

Excitement is building

Getting more excited

It’s already running and ready to go…

Dogwood rd
Whalen Minnesota

December 26 2020


I am extremely grateful that my wife allows me to keep my motorcycle in the house during the winter because I absolutely despise winter and this helps me to see that it’s not going to last forever and I can work on my motorcycle and feel a little less anxiety during the winter. Plan to ride a lot in 2021 if I can learn to cope with this anxiety B.S.

September 13 , Wisconsin with Rick


Left Friday the 13th and met up with Rick at the Bluebird campground near Lacrosse Wisconsin . Set up camp and went to the bar and grill at the campground for a couple beers and some burgers and some live music. We went back to the campsite for a few more beers and some BS.

The next morning we packed up and headed Northeast, First we visited a big damn between two lakes

After that Rick sent me on a recon mission, but a beaver had blocked the trail.then we rode through a Wildlife preserve called Sandhill Wildlife Area that has some invisible Bison (not buffalo)

After that we found a place to camp near Dexterville.

Sunday morning we packed up and went exploring. I let Rick talk me into going somewhere I should not have been again!

We made our way to Lacrosse and got to see a large cruise ship docked.

Moab 2019


Had a great trip to Moab Utah with Rick and Richard. Rode through Colorado, Rode down to Monument Valley, Rode the white rim road again and toured the La sal mountains, And ride the fins and feathers trail at Slick rock , then took the back roads to gateway Colorado and continued past Denver where I loaded the KLR back into the trailer for the boring trek across Nebraska. Looking forward to going back in a couple years.

April 20


Had good time at Ricks installing a new Michelin Anakee Wild rear tire, rear brake pads and oil change @ 50150 miles. Hardest part of the day was putting it back in the trailer to go home.

November:  Mark Twain National Forest


The travel bug bit me again so I loaded up the KLR and headed south to the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri where I found a spot near Waynesville Missouri to set up my base camp Friday night. Deer hunting season was open so I didn’t explore many remote areas. I rode through the forest and to Mountain Home, Arkansas where “WE” spent the night in an Econolodge. In the morning I was riding by 7:00am , exploring Northern Arkansas and rode back into Missouri. I was surprised by the amount of trash many of the residents had in their yards, givin the natural beauty they are surrounded with every day. I didn’t stop very often or take many pictures, I just enjoyed the ride and the scenery. By the time I got back to the jeep it was 4:30 PM , I was chilled to the bone and decided to load up and head towards home where  I ended up arriving Home at 3:30 AM after a few rest stops and a casino stop. 

May 28


Went on a little ride.

Weather was perfect for riding  and I just kept going and going  The day started out with the side rack falling down , but I through a strap on it and kept going.

47000 miles

I like what this says

405 miles today

May 19-20 Great River Gravel Ride


Cold and rainy pretty much sums it up, Lynette took the pop up camper down for me. Friday night was fun watching some of the guys carry-on. Craig had a great breakfast made for everyone. After breakfast I hopped on the bike and went for a ride from about eight till noon in the rain. Hung out in the camper for a while to dry out, but realized my gear wasn’t going to get dried back out so I decided to pack up and ride home in the rain to get the jeep so I could bring the camper home. 

Started the afternoon with beer and food from TBocks

Set the camper up and introduced myself to everyone

Multi tasking

April 14


Lynette is out of town so I thought I would spend some time with KLR , getting it ready for its next adventure. I mounted a USB plug that Rick gave to me and fixed the auxiliary lights .Speockets need to be changed before I ride too far

Need to replace soon

March 12 Arkansas 


Woke up and went out for breakfast at Jake’s pizza . Got off to a late start as it was cold and snow still on the ground, Had a Polasheks burger for lunch then got on bikes and rode South west, found some nice twisty roads again. Temperature was at 55•. Went over to Oklahoma and visited some cool places, people down here seem genuinely nice to us and each other. it was another kick ass trip with Rick.

Great twisty roads near here

Bicycling seems to be popular in this area.

Cool old chimney still standing

Natural dam

The trail of tears

Crossing back into Arkansas from Oklahoma

Unbelievable how many rust free vehicles in Arkansas

Turned out to be a great place to stay

March 10 Arkansas 


Drove down last night and arrived in Fayetteville around 11:30, We found a cheap room at Days Inn. 

Got up this morning and went to Cowpatty Campground and unloaded the motorcycles and found a nice gravel road right away,then turned onto county road 4081 (more like a trail) 3.5 miles into it the road was washed out,I managed to get across the wash out, but had a little trouble getting back across as we decided it was not a good idea to continue any further. We enjoyed a lot of gravel roads then worked our way over to the Pig Trail road , then to Ozark and back up to Oark General store which has been in operation since 1890. It was closed for the day when we got there.Made our way back to the campground and set up camp, fried some Polasheks burgers and drank a few Dorothy’s. It was a great day of riding with temps in the upper 60’s A lot of mud holes on county road 4081

3.5 miles in we had to turn around

I don’t always Mae wise decisions,Rick helped me get out of this.

Saw this cool old building out on the gravel roads

Oh no the VStrom got dirty.😂

These guys were haulin ass

Made it to Oark store, but was closed for the day.

February 5


Went to motorcycle show in Minneapolis with Rick and Richard, We had a great time with lots of laughs. It was a very good show with a lot of great bikes. Stopped at Wild Bills in Rochester on the way home and had a great meal.

Ktm 500 looks like fun, but for another $400 I think the 690 would be a better choice


BMW F800GS is on my top list for next motorcycle

Honda Africa Twin , something about this bike that really excites me.

This was a very cool bike

No need to mess with perfection

Had a hard time getting Richard off the KLR

I don’t think I will ever be mature enough to ride this safely

Get a room!!!

Can’t take these guys anywhere

Reminds of the move Dumb and Dumber

New VSTROM 1000 was very cool

Making sure to check my mirrors

Yep looks good

Oh boy

These guys were amazing

Wild Bills was very good

January 30 California 


Visited and played more cards and dice this morning. Merle packed us a lunch for our ride back to San Francisco. We stopped at BJs for a beer In Dublin. We checked into our room , then went to Pacifica beach and watched the waves crashing and people on the pier crabbing.We drove South on HWY 1 to another beach where we watched several surfers and watched the sunset. We ate at In N Out Burger and visited the Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop.

January 29 California 


We got up early and pointed the Charger towards Yosemite. We really enjoyed the winding roads and great scenery. We visited Jamestown , then drove up to Yosemite but did not enter as chains were required and boots recommended. We were wearing tennis shoes and decided we will visit when the snow is gone. We did not take many pictures, but enjoyed our time together cruising up and down the mountain roads , also admiring the old pickups not rusted away. 

January 28 California 


Played some cards and dice with Dad and Merle  then  went for a ride as far as we could go up HWY 4 .  Checked out bear Valley ski lodge .Visited Big Trees Park . Ate lunch and had a beer at the Luberoom . Stopped at the Snowshoe Brewery for a beer,then walked around the wine bars in Murphys. Dad and Merle had some great porkchops and Potatoes for supper. 

January 27 California 


First stop today was Chinatown . We enjoyed window shopping, but didn’t see anything we couldn’t live without. Next stop was Pier 39 to check out the Sea Lions. We were not disappointed, they were fun to watch and the shops were cool to see but very expensive. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and got on Hwy 1. San Francisco was neat , but I was glad to get away from the overpopulated city. Highway 1 was very twisty and scenic,We enjoyed it very much. We stopped at Stinson beach so I could take a dip in the ocean.Finally we made our way towards Murphys where we will spend a few days.

Pomona Raceways

6 miles to go, time for a beer

December 27


Scrubbing on my KLR 650 with a toothbrush, wondering why I do it and it occurred to me I do it because of the red clay that I find deep down inside that takes me back to my trip to UP following Highway 41 to its end and continued on red clay trails that ended at the most peaceful place that I have ever been to that point on the shores of Lake Superior.

    It also conjures up memories of the time I rode my motorcycle around Lake Superior traveling east of Sault Ste. Marie in what seemed like no man’s land without any advertising signs or very little indication of life other than four wheeler trails that I rode till I realized I could easily get lost and not be found as I hadn’t seen anyone else on the trails for miles.

     To sum it  up this motorcycle is not worth crap to anyone else , but it helps me to dream of the places I have never been and to relive the things that I have seen while exploring with it.

October 9


Went to Rockton Bar in Lafarge Wisconsin with Lynette for chicken dinners, put the top down on the mustang and cruised a lot of nice backroads in Wisconsin . Looking forward to being able to ride the motorcycle again someday.

September 4


Looks like a good day to ride done riding for the weekend

Surgery tomorrow to put some pins in my ankle. I usually wear my riding boots and pants, but chose not to today, obviously the wrong decision. I am very happy to get by with a broken ankle and some road rash, it could have been a lot worse. Oh and kudos to the KLR for being a tough son of a bitch and putting itself between me and the guardrail. Not a lot of bikes that can skid down the highway into a guardrail to be picked up and ridden to the hospital.

Augsust 5


Left work early to take advantage of the awesome weather  and go for a little ride on the KLR


Frac sand mining